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BESTPOTECH International Office - STUDY IN INDIA

Best Solution Polytechnic, in partnership with EDUSOFT have signed a Memorandum of Understanding with about 20 Universities in India to enable Nigerians live their dream of Studying in India. Members of the team regularly travel overseas and work with our agent partners to generate interest in Best Solution Polytechnic, Akure, meeting potential applicants and offer holders. The International Office team provide applicant support throughout the admissions cycle, liaising with other teams in the Polytechnic including the Admissions Service, academic departments and International Student Support.
When thinking of going to study abroad, there are factors that come into consideration: quality of the education on offer, acceptability of the certificates of the programme of study, risk factor of the environment where the school is situated, and the total cost of the entire programme, among a few other factors. For some people, global acceptability of the certificate or degree that has been acquired is the single, biggest factor that swings their decision on where to study. For some other people, the environment is a major factor. However, if your aim is to study in a world class university and at the end of your study will lead to a globally acceptable degree, and the tuition fee is affordable, then India has all the right mix. Education in Indian trumps every other country in terms of affordability and ranks among the best in terms of acceptability. Degrees acquired from universities in India are well regarded by corporate organisations globally. To reiterate, degrees and certificates from Indian universities are accepted all over the world. Tuition fees of Indian universities are a fraction of what obtains in Europe and the United States for similar degrees. Added to this is the Indian culture and people: Indians place a high premium in welcoming guests to their country and making their stay very comfortable. The climate is also clement.
India is increasingly becoming a major education destination for people who wish to study in a university or college that after the programme, their degrees and certificates that are globally accepted. Below are some of the benefits of schooling in India. Degrees and certificates from Indian universities and colleges are recognised globally as indication of quality education. They qualify their holders to work anywhere in the world, or pursue further education in any school in the world. Entry requirement is similar to that of Nigerian universities. In the case of Indian universities, only school certificates with credits in mandatory subjects are required. There is no entry examination. A bachelor degree programme is three (3) years, the number of years is however longer for other programmes. A typical three-year programme is approximately N3million (including tuition, accommodation, etc.), a fraction of what it would cost you to study either in Europe or the United States of America. India is a modern country, and Indians are welcoming of visitors. There is no discrimination against people from other countries. Indian universities have produced scholars who have received global acclaim. You will be joining the rich tradition that these scholars benefited from.
The basic entry requirements for studying in universities in India are credit passes in secondary school certificate examinations. For instance, if you wish to study Computer Science, you will be required to have credit passes in Physics, Mathematics, English and Chemistry. Entry requirement for each course of study is determined by the nature of the course. If it is a science-based course, credit passes in science subjects are mandatory. If it is a social science course such as Accounting, Economics, credit passes will be required in Mathematics, English, Commerce, Economics, among others.

Every year the International Office recruits and trains a team of International Office Ambassadors. These are current international students that work with us to provide help and support to our international offer holders.